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INTRODUCING CAMPBELL CRAFTS VINTAGE - On the search for the pieces you can't live without!

Campbell Crafts Vintage sells Vintage inspired fashion, accessories and beauty we think you can't live without! We stock exclusive brands from around the globe such as Atomic Swag and BAIT footwear. Lindsay Campbell-Crafts tells us more...


What inspired you to launch this as your business?
I was a freelance fashion stylist for 8 years working in advertising, editorial and with celebrity clients — I would always introduce a little bit of vintage charm to my looks, and would wear it daily myself. With my passion for styling fading, I turned my attention to my other love, vintage. And Campbell/Crafts Vintage was born!

What drew you to "vintage"?
I have always loved vintage, and been fascinated with the movie stars of the 40's & 50's. My mother always said that I should be an individual with my fashion, and not copy the pack — so I would go to charity shops and vintage stores to find pieces to add in to my clothes. Over time, I faded out 'mainstream' clothes altogether and started wearing repro and vintage all the time! I like the way that it is cut for a boobs and butts, that a nipped in waist is balanced with wider hips. I have found that dressing like a lady makes you feel 10ft tall — people stare — but because you look fabulous!!!!

What types of products do you sell and why?
We specialise in Vintage repro — with vintage for every size being almost impossible to find, and with my love for more of an Americana look — repro was the way to go. We stock exclusive brands — especially our shoes from the States — and strive to find pieces that no one else in the UK has — I spend a huge amount of time trying to locate pieces that I know my customers will love. We stock clothing with 40's-50's styling, footwear, accessories and some beauty pieces.

What is the most popular era?
We have a huge dance following — who are all into Rock n Roll — so the 50's is our most popular cut. It is elegant yet fun — and who doesn't like to trill with their skirt fanning out around them?!

What is your current favourite item & why?
I love anything with a flamingo — so we have a few pieces that I just adore! The flamingo sandals by Miss L Fire are by far my fave. They are glittery, kitsch and comfortable — They look great with jeans, capri's or a circle skirt plus being a fabulous way to dress up a simple look. What else could a girl want?

Do you ship outside of the UK?
Yes we ship worldwide — with many of our pieces being sent to OZ, NZ and the USA.

How would you like to see your business grow & the Vintage Industry develop over the coming year(s)?
We have just opened a concession shop in Gorgeous Gerties, Dorking and this is something we will look to push over the coming year. We attend big events such as the Goodwood Revival and Twinwood — and we will be looking to expand out presence over the UK further.

Anything else you'd like to add?
We work very hard at CC to provide exclusive pieces, while keeping costs down and delivering it all in one slick website. We love meeting our beautiful customers at all of our events we attend. It is safe to say that we Live and breath our business. It is not a job — it is a way of life. We are responding to customer queries late into the night, calling Oz and USA at all hours and really pushing to be the best Online Vintage Business out there. We know that repro can be a nasty word for some — but we have our place, and offer something vintage cant — a full size range, a variation of colours and an entrance to those who are looking to join the vintage scene but don't know how.


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