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INTRODUCING THE VINTAGE WARDROBE – Step inside for handpicked wearable vintage

the vintage wardrobethe vintage wardrobethe vintage wardrobethe vintage wardrobe

The Vintage Wardrobe offers lovely, wearable vintage clothing, shoes & accessories from 1950s-1990s. Every piece is hand picked, making it that extra bit special! We find out more from Sameera Al-Hilley

What inspired you to launch this as your business?
I've worn head to toe vintage every day for about 6 years now and absolutely love it! The Vintage Wardrobe started from that feeling of finding something incredible, I thought 'I want to give vintage lovers that feeling too!' When setting up The Vintage Wardrobe, I noticed there were a lot of vintage businesses that did not appear to hand pick their items. I wanted to create an online shop with a difference, one that's carefully curated by wearability, quality and size.

What drew you to "vintage"?
Dressing 'differently' is something I've always been interested in. I was never keen on the idea of looking like everyone else (which has meant some very questionable outfit choices) When I was about 14, I began rummaging in charity shops and got such a thrill when I found a bargain! My love for an unusual bargains inevitably led to rummaging through vintage shops. I haven't looked back since and very rarely buy anything from the high street now!

What types of products do you sell and why?
In the wardrobe, you can find a range of vintage clothing, shoes and accessories from 1950s-1990s. Whether you wear only vintage every day, or mix it up with high street, there'll be something for you! From 60s mod dresses, to 70s maxi's, or bold 80s blouses, there's plenty on offer! I chose the name The Vintage Wardrobe, as I feel it encompasses the variety of vintage clothing, shoes and accessories you can find!

What is the most popular era?
The Vintage Wardrobe's online customers love the 1960s! Particularly mod shift dresses and jackets! The 70s is also having a surge of popularity due to it's massive comeback on the catwalk/high street! (So much irony there)

What is your current favourite item & why?
It's difficult to choose just one, but this paisley sun dress is stunning! Dresses like this are hard to come by, aren't they? Especially in such great condition! It's such a beautiful piece, with a great print and collar and it's so wearable too!

Do you ship outside of the UK?
Yes, the more people that can shop in the wardrobe, the better! That's one of the best things about selling online!

How would you like to see your business grow & the Vintage Industry develop over the coming year(s)?
Vintage clothing is massive at the moment and I truly believe that there's vintage out there for everyone! There's often a misconception that vintage is always bold and brash or some women feel that it's for smaller sizes only, but I say, nonsense! Over 60 years of vintage, there's so many different styles and looks to go for, it's just a case of finding what suits you! I'd love to see the vintage industry grow and for more people to embrace vintage clothing! As for The Vintage Wardrobe, I aim to sell more Internationally through social media and online marketing. In the next few years, I want to open a bricks and mortar shop, which I'm currently saving up for!

A little bit more about The Vintage Wardrobe...
The Vintage Wardrobe has come so far in the 2 and half years of it's launch! In November 2014, The Vintage Wardrobe was featured in The Telegraph's 50 Best Vintage Fashion Boutiques! I was overwhelmed that my business was featured amongst such well established businesses (some I'd been shopping at for years) This has given me the encouragement and confidence to pursue my goals! Now to be a part of the National Vintage Awards is such a wonderful opportunity! Just to be involved is really exciting and if I was lucky enough to be shortlisted, it would mean so much to me!

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