Heydays acceptance speech moved the audience

INTRODUCING HEYDAY! - Will it be Hat Trick for Heyday in Reproduction category?

Heyday sells faithful reproductions of 30s — 50s fashions. They cater to men and ladies. After scooping the Best Reproduction award for the past two years, will it be hat trick from Heyday? We find out more from Shona van Beers...


What inspired you to launch this as your business?
I'd been making for myself for many years and never really thought about making it commercially. Then two things happened: my Father died unexpectedly — making me think "life is too short not to give things a try" and then I escaped an awful workplace with bullying and a terrible boss. Time to make a change!

What drew you to "vintage" & what is your favourite era and why?
My personal favourite clothing era is the post war — early 50s era. I find the style easier to wear with the amount of curves I have. 40s can seem too boxy and 30s is too slim! Having said that, I love 30s interiors and 30s-40s music and dancing. I'm a bit muddled!

Who are the majority of your customers?
1940s Enthusiasts, burlesque ladies for their off duty attire, tattooed ladies who need sleeves for work!

What types of products do you sell and why?
Clothing, made right here in the UK. We specialise in recreating accurate vintage pieces so that the lengths and proportions are all correct. I want people to have a robust wardrobe for when real vintage is just too precious or hard to come by

What is the most popular era?
My items are geared mostly to the 1940s, so I'd have to say that era! Most of my customers are dancers and re-enactors who go to wartime events. We are getting more and more 50s items though

What is your current favourite item & why?
Our Fleur dresses (based on the collectable Swirl dress). They are accommodating at the waist with the wrap, are a good length and have pockets for all your stuff. I love pockets! I wear mine with a slip so I don't worry about the wrap.

Do you use authentic vintage patterns and/or design your own patterns?
We might start with a vintage pattern or inspiration and then we create our own patterns to accomodate modern figures.

Do you ship outside of the UK?
Yes we'll ship anywhere the post will go

How would you like to see your business grow & the Vintage Industry develop over the coming year(s)?
I'd like to produce more lovely garments. I've focused a lot on the basics so that people have a wardrobe they can depend on, and now I'd like to get some more glamour pieces as well.
The industry might get faced with a challenge if the vintage trend fades but until then we need to make the most of it!



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For more information:
Webpage: www.heyday.co.uk
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/HeydayVintageStyle?fref=ts
Twitter: HeydayVS

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