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All Vintaged Up have brought together beautiful and affordable, personally sourced, genuine vintage jewellery, accessories and clothes. Helping women to #CHOOSEVINTAGE. We find out more from All Vintaged Up's Helen.

What inspired you to start your business?

Visiting a vintage fair! Last year my youngest child started nursery which meant I could think about working part-time. My previous career was in marketing, but I wanted to start my own business selling something I felt passionate about, that also used my existing skills set and fitted in with my role as a mum. I have always had a strong interest in vintage but it wasn't until I was at a Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair that I realised it was something I really wanted to do! After lots of research and thought, I decided to go for it. I thought of a business name, started networking on social media, bought some stock and booked my first fair. I have not looked back. I love what I do and although it is a new business I think I have laid strong foundations for the future. I love the online vintage community, it is so supportive and friendly and has helped and inspired me so much.

What has been the highlight since launching?

There have been so many highlights, it is hard to pick just one! Selling my first item at my first fair. Becoming a buyer for Alexandra Vintage. Reaching 500 followers on Twitter. My recent re-brand and new website, to name a few.

What have you got planned for the year ahead?

I plan to sell at more vintage fairs in different locations in the south east and south west and to sell more of my collection online through Alexandra Vintage. I want to continue to network with and learn from other businesses in the vintage industry . I want to develop my website with even more guides, blogs, tips and resources to help others to #CHOOSEVINTAGE.

How would you like to see your business grow & develop over the coming year(s)?

Short term, I want to continue to source and provide gorgeous vintage accessories, jewellery and clothes for my customers. Expand my customer base and develop my brand, PR and social media presence. I would also like to work with the industry to champion vintage and all the amazing benefits it has. I think it is important to share best practice, support other businesses and work towards a common goal. Long term, I would like to think that one day All Vintaged Up is an umbrella brand for all sorts of vintage ventures, watch this space...!

What is it about "vintage" that you find most appealing and what is your favourite era?

I love the fact that each piece of vintage whether its a dress, bag or necklace has its own unique history and story attached to it and I feel privileged to own/buy and re-home it. I also think that vintage is a great way of creating your own individual stye – going out in a dress that is well made, beautiful and stylish and that no one else has! My favourite era is definitely the 1960s. I can't get enough of the dresses. The colours, patterns and designs of the later 1960s dresses are my favourites, I have far too many now! I also love 60s music, it is what I grew up listening to as my Dad was so into it.

Why should the public vote for your business in this category?

Because my business is about more than just selling beautiful vintage, it is about helping women to #CHOOSEVINTAGE. I want to help customers understand the benefits of vintage and learn how to incorporate it into their wardrobes and ultimately into their lives. This is achieved through excellent customer service, product knowledge and advice. I am on a mission to convert the masses!

I am very excited to be a nominee in this category!

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