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INTRODUCING GIN FIZZ – Will Burlesque, Bubbles & Artist Beauty Breakthough?

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Gin Fizz creates extraordinary vintage pop up clubs for the more discerning partygoer. In their secret locations they fuse high quality live music, dance , performance , burlesque and avant garde cocktails. We find out more from Creative Director Viv Doolan.

What inspired you to start your business?

The idea came from a lack of events in Milton Keynes for the more discerning reveller. I was looking for themed live music/ vintage events and there were none outside of London . The travel made the events inconvenient and with a 300,000 + population in Milton Keynes the lack of events /nights out was not reflective of the size of the population. Gin Fizz was created to tap an uncatered for market and bring high quality vintage nights out to the area .

What has been the highlight since launching?

There have been several. The main highlight is seeing an idea that was purely the kernal of conception, develop into a large scale party where all the people who join us love the idea too and have immersed themselves in the vibe through their clothing , hair, make up and general desire to party ! Seeing a dream literally come to life through an event is a surreal and incredible sensation that is hard to describe in words .

We are delighted to have support from Marshall Amplification and Arts Central in MK . Collaborating with well respected and trusted brands and community projects such as these has been a privilege.

What have you got planned for the year ahead?

We have the Jump Joint in July , which is a night of sheer rockabilly mayhem with live music, inspired and unusual cocktails and burlesque performances in a very unusual secret setting .

We have The Underworld Carnival coming up in October which is a victorian sideshow themed event . We have music and performers that are so unusual , the like MK has never seen before !

We also have a classical event in November which is a low key event showcasing the exceptional talents of local classical artists .
Our listings for 2016 are already on the website.

How would you like to see your business grow & develop over the coming year(s)?

We have big plans for Gin Fizz. We want to continue to raise the profile of forgotten art forms, theatre, live music, dance and performance art and bring these to a wider audience . Our emphasis is on enjoying the arts in an immersive and social enviroment as opposed to a standard 'theatre style' set up . We are planning on larger scale events for 2016. The larger our events, the more creative we can be and the more the crowd will benefit from the immersive experience. We have thrilling spectacles just waiting to be unleashed !

What is it about "vintage" that you find most appealing and what is your favourite era?

My favourite era is the 1920's and for that reason the first event I ran was The Crimson Club which is a 1920's speakeasy . We have hosted this event on a number of occasions now and it is proving very popular. The scenes from The Crimson Club look spectacular . Ladies with finger waves and long beautiful dresses and dapper gents propping up the Absinthe Fountain Bar are a vision to behold . The era was so decadent , debauched and stylish. We recreate that at Gin Fizz and the smart set in the know who join us love the immersive theatre of the nights. It is true enchanting escapism into another world. Our drinks menu also reflects the immersive vibe as the menu contains foten forgotten drinks from the 1920's.

This is the main reason I am passionate about vintage. It is pure escapism and we love to create that escapism at Gin Fizz.

Why should the public vote for your business in this category?

We have a new , unusual and progressive concept that is an unusual entry both on the vintage scene and within the NVA awards catagory.

In the past year and a half we have worked tirelessly to ensure that our customers have fantastic and new experiences through our vintage events .

Our ethos is also one with a social conscience. We work with local artists and local young people who are starting out , giving them the experiences they need to progress in their chosen field. We are generating economy in the arts at a time when funding in this area is being cut. We are bringing often forgotten art forms to a wider audience that may not otherwise have access to them.

We collaborate with local dance schools to offer dance classes for our customers both in the events and at other times which further fosters our ethos and desire for growth of cultural activities in our local area.

We feel that our business has a social responsibility and we raise money for local charities during our events. This ensures that there are further benefits to society even after the Gin Fizz parties have disappeared ! Putting back into our local community is a key aim for Gin Fizz.

Anything else you'd like to add?

We are very excited about this years NVA's and look forward to meeting fellow vintage businesses .

We would like to welcome all vintage lovers to check out our listings for our future events on .

We have a special promotion for The Jump Joint on 11th July for NVA followers. Just add the word JUMP into discount codes to receive 10% off individual tickets.
Please note : This offer is available until the end of May only. We offer table bookings and can support with finding you good local hotels . Hotels in MK are very well priced and the travel links are very good both via road and rail.

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