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INTRODUCING PIN UP CURL - The Breakthrough Beehive Bouffant Business?

Pin Up Curl will recreate the glamorous styles of yesteryear, curling and swirling, beehiving and bouffanting, revealing your inner pin up with a fabulous hairstyle. We find out more from Sarah Bloor.


What inspired you to start your business?

  • I first started styling my own hair about 6 years ago, and spent as much time as I could researching and practicing the old authentic techniques. I fell in love with hairstyles from bygone eras which just fuelled my passion and I soon became obsessed!! My background in knitwear design, and the creativity I've always had have been a big advantage. After some time I began to style hair for friends, and was even recommended to style a bride to be for her hen night. After a chance suggestion from a friend I spent a day in October 2013 with my pop up salon in a local vintage shop, styling ladies who had pre-booked appointments. This was so successful I had another day at another venue in December 2013, where I booked my first wedding. I then started to get repeat bookings, so starting my business was a natural progression. In March 2014 Pin Up Curl was born, and last Autumn I became the resident hairstylist for The Vintage Suitcase (last year's Breakthrough Business winner!).

What has been the highlight since launching?

  • Without a doubt the highlight has been the reaction that I've received. I knew that I had a flair for vintage hairstyling, but I have been truly humbled by the reviews and comments I have received. To be able to make a lady feel so glamorous and feminine giving her a boost of confidence, is truly an honour. I love that look on a client's face when she first sees herself with the finished style. This has spurred me on even further to learn more, find new techniques and take on courses for some professional training.

I've also been recruited to be part of the official hair salon at this years Goodwood Revival.

What have you got planned for the year ahead?

  • I'm attending vintage fairs and festivals with organisers who I believe will grow in this industry, including wedding fairs, and The Vintage Suitcase fairs. These help to get my name known even more, and as an added bonus I enjoy them! I already have many weddings booked so when peak season is here I'll be very busy with those. As I mentioned previously I plan to take courses, and also get involved with more photoshoots (I have done 2 so far this year and have another 5 in the diary). I'm also working on my website which will also feature a blog.

How would you like to see your business grow & develop over the coming year(s)?

  • I would like to have a team of stylists working under the Pin Up Curl umbrella, trained by myself, so that bigger festivals and events are open to us. I'd love to be involved with brands such as Collectif, 20th Century Foxy, Heyday, Freddies of Pinewood etc, and also style for shoots in glossy magazines, including bridal. Also, a big dream of mine would be to style for film and TV, particularly Strictly Come Dancing! I'd also like to have guest tutorial spots at training colleges across the country. Longer term, I have in mind a range of hairpieces to create certain looks, maybe even styling products, and a set of tutorial style books covering my speciality eras of the 20s to the 60s.

What is it about "vintage" that you find most appealing and what is your favourite era?

  • My favourite era has to be from the late 40's into the mid 50's. The war had ended, rationing was coming to an end, positive attitudes were returning. Having a background in design, I can really appreciate the clothes of the era — be them couture or handmade. Garments were made to last back then, and there was no throwaway fashion from questionable ethical sources. I understand and appreciate that fashion progresses and evolves, but there are fewer women and young girls who really celebrate being female. Women looked like women back in the day, whether they dressed for themselves or their husbands. I cannot stand to see ladies in the supermarket in their pyjama's! Where is their self respect? On another note, I've always liked to be different, and like the attention it can bring. The 50s style I wear suits my figure, and the hair is the finishing touch, the icing on the cake, the crowning glory.

Why should the public vote for your business in this category?

  • There are many vintage stylists in the industry, and just a few that are really successful. I want to be among those success stories and bring a new face into the field. I have been in the design industry for almost 19 years, and I'm working very hard to leave it behind. I pride myself on a very friendly and warm service, professionalism, authenticity, creativity and attention to detail (no visible hairgrips from me!).

I want to continue to see that first look on a clients face, whoever they are. In the space of a year I have come further than I even dreamed I would. To be a finalist (hopefully the winner) will open up many more doors to me. I have the drive and enthusiasm to grow my business even more, and make the voters feel they voted for the right person.

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