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INTRODUCING VINTAGE COLLECTIVE LONDON – Carefully sourced, current, customer centred collections – will VCL collect award?

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Vintage Collective London source and carefully select quality vintage clothing & accessories to current and emerging trends. Their vintage archive focuses on style and quality through their love of patterns, prints and textiles. VCL love styling Vintage with new, and present a bespoke collection of fashion accessories designed under their in house label. Liz Sephton tells us more...

What inspired you to start your business?
I have always loved Vintage clothing, dressing up, mixing styles, era's, and 'looks', I wanted my hobby to become a bigger part of my life.
I had been trading on various levels for a few years, and I wanted a new and more professional platform to promote my finds. I launched my website last year showcasing some of the fantastic pieces I have found from all over the world.

What has been the highlight since launching?
Being part of The National Vintage Awards is very exciting. It's a great confidence boost to be considered, and I know I'm going to gain valuable experience from this opportunity to help build my company profile.

What have you got planned for the year ahead?
This year is about trying all sorts of Vintage Fairs, markets and events. I want to see the customer's reaction to my collections, and get first hand feedback. I want to tailor my collections to different markets worldwide, in order to increase my following.
I'm taking part in lots of wonderful events, please see our website for details.

How would you like to see your business grow & develop over the coming year(s)?
I would like to grow my E Commerce business in the next few years, to introduce more Vintage accessories onto my website.
Vintage costume jewellery is one of my passions. With over 10 years experience in working in costume jewellery for a high end fashion brand, has meant that I've more keen than ever to introduce this to my offering.

What is it about "vintage" that you find most appealing and what is your favourite era?
I love Vintage as its wonderfully versatile. I believe that Vintage clothing and accessories can compliment any outfit. Vintage clothing can be used to make a look more contemporary, and above all different! I love the way vintage clothing merchandises beautifully with new and artisanal products, and above all making Vintage clothing and accessories 'current'. I love prints and patterns, so I love the 1970's for the ultimate, clashing, vibrant printed dress!

A little more about Vintage Collective London...
I like to think that I have introduced a new approach to 'Vintage' clothing. From the contemporary look of the website, product offering, to the styling of the looks with modern accessories. VCL are giving everyone who maybe wouldn't the chance to enjoy Vintage clothing, and realize its potential!

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