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INTRODUCING WHAT KATY DID NEXT .... but what really is next for Katy, vintage & the shop?

What Katy Did Vintage — An ever-changing, eclectic mix of all things 20th century; plus vintage inspired works from artists and craftspeople; giving our designers and artists of future vintage a chance to shine! Teacher to treasure hunter! What is next for Katy, the shop & the vintage industry?

57 High St, Budleigh Salterton, EX9 6LE, United Kingdom


What inspired you to launch this as your business?

After having to end my teaching career, due to back ops, this was the only other thing I knew I was good at...so I thought it was about time it started paying it's way!

What drew you to "vintage"?

It's my mum's fault! A love of rummaging and treasure hunting as a child-she taught me well: from jumble sales and charity shops to reclamation yards and antique fairs, which my dad loved too. My mum always mixed the old with the new so well and it taught me to be individual and to appreciate good design as well as the history of things.

Where do the majority of your customers come from?

Initially it was locals and holiday-makers because it is a beautiful seaside town with lots of independent shops and galleries. But now, my customers are from all over the country (and world!): some coming down for the weekend just to visit the shop...and Marvin, the Basset Hound!

What is the most popular era or types of goods of those you sell in your shop?

Mid-century Modern furniture and homewares; record players; 50s and 60s clothing.

Do you also sell online?

Yes, through the website, but also on fb and Twitter; posting up new stock at special prices before it goes onto the site.

What has been the highlight for your business over the past year?

A big increase in sales which has enabled me to afford even better stock! And also being included in the Sunday Telegraph Stella magazine as one of the top 50 vintage boutiques: I knew nothing about it until I got an email telling me!!

Also, re-uniting an Art Deco photo frame and the photo with the subject of the photo! I bought it around 10 years ago back up north...brought it down to Devon 8 years ago when I re-located and has sat in the shop in the Boudoir area for the last year, until a local lady came in and recognised the woman...her aunt from Exmouth!!! The press are running a story on it and we are going to do a photoshoot in the shop with the lady (yes, she's still alive!!) next to her modelling photo (she was a model for a local photographer's studio in the 30s and 40s).

How would you like to see your business grow & the Vintage Industry develop over the coming year(s)?

I am helping some interior designers and would love to do a lot more of this.
The vintage industry is booming, which is a fab time for us small independents...long may it continue...and watch this space for my next shop....'What Katy Did Next'! Hehe!

Anything else you'd like to add?

I just hope I can do my lovely customers proud...and my mum, whose fault it is that I am hunter and gatherer of all this vintage, but who will never get to see what I have created in her honour!
I am really bad at promoting myself and this took guts! I'm seeing it as a turning point for me to finally be confident in myself after 3 years of being told what an amazing shop I have and that I actually AM pretty good at it!


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