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INTRODUCING BETHANY JANE DAVIES – THE VINTAGE BEAUTY PARLOUR: Classic coiffures, powdered perfection, 1940s hair guide release ... & an award?

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Bethany Jane Davies – The Vintage Beauty Parlour: Step back in time and visit The Vintage Beauty Parlour's Old-Hollywood style salon in Manchester's Chorlton Green, the home of classic coiffures and powdered perfection. The Parlour caters to the discerning fans of vintage styles and those looking to adopt some vintage glamour. Open for private clients, weddings, hen-do events, corporates and to those looking to learn and develop their skills and style at workshops and classes. Bethany Jane Davies tells us more...

What do you enjoy most about running your business?
Being creative is what I enjoy. By running my own business, I control my own life and make my own agenda, it is never dull. Also I meet awesome people doing what I love, I get to be part of great events, like the Festival of Vintage, Goodwood, Howarth and Burlesque festivals, I would go to those events, if I wasn't working at them anyway!

What drew you to "vintage" over other hair &/or makeup styles?
They never go out of fashion. I love the variety of styles, there is so much inspiration to draw from. The styles are more exciting than plainer modern looks, vintage has so much to offer, finer detail and variation, it provides options and allows you to tailor it to suit anyone. My background is in the arts and I studied sculpture, so vintage styles where you sculpt hair with your hands appeal to me.
Vintage styles allow you to be outlandish, yet classic, sexy, but with authority, it really says something about you.

Which is your favourite era/look and why?
This changes for me all the time, I like to keep it varied... but at the moment I enjoy creating the complex finger wave styles of the 1920s. It has become increasingly popular with my clients, it has also been very chic on TV, with series such as Boardwalk Empire, Peaky Blinders and even Downton Abbey referencing those flapper girl styles, this style has really moved into the public consciousness.
I also like the 1940s looks, in fact I have just written a book on the 1940s hair styles, classic and great for weddings.

What is the most popular service(s) from those you offer?
I have many regular private clients, but it is Bridal services and hen parties that are what I do the most. I get to be part of people's special day and that is an honour. I have done hundreds of weddings, as have all the girls in my team, I see what works and what doesn't, so I know what brides and their party need on their wedding day.

Also I'm doing more corporate work than ever before, to name some of the high profile corporates, I have done hair and make up for Marks and Spencer, Iceland, Kellogg's and even with the Olympians of Team GB.

If you could style anyone past or present who would it be?
Lucille Ball, simply because she would be a laugh and as her hair looks thick and full, it would be a pleasure to style and would hold any style well.

How would you like to see your business grow & the Vintage Industry develop over the coming year(s)?
I've grown my associate network and I'm training some new stylists to join my team. I'd like to see them grow as vintage superstar stylist, I hope to help them grow their profiles on the scene and their client base at the Vintage Beauty Parlour.

Also I'm having to be more selective about the jobs I personally take on, mainly due to time constraints, I simply can't make all the events and jobs myself, so I'm going to focus on my team and make sure together we can carry on making beautiful vintage styles for everyone who approaches us, to a high standard.

The vintage industry is increasingly competitive, but stars will always shine. The industry will find success through collaboration and cross selling relevant and quality, but we need to stay on trend and focussed on what people want. I am always referring my clients to relevant services or businesses.

A little more about Bethany Jane Davies & The Vintage Beauty Parlour
My book, "Vintage Hair Styles of the 1940s: A Practical Guide", has been described as an essential guide to 1940s styles, it comes out on the in May through Crowood press. We will be doing a book launch soon, I hope you'll make it down! Pre-Book your Hardcover via Amazon.

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