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The Vanity Box doesn't just style your hair they want you to leave their salon with your head held high and a wiggle in your step! – Confidence Coiffing!

What do you enjoy most about running your business?

That's a hard one as I truly and utterly Love my job! I think my favourite part would have to be when I have someone who comes in that's nervous and maybe a bit shy but always wanted to try the look and then when they walk out they are so confident and head held high and a wiggle in there walk. Being able to be apart of Making someone feel amazing.

What drew you to "vintage" over other hair &/or makeup styles?

It was always the glamor of it! The stunning shapes of the hair and make up. It started as a kid watching old movies and I didn't understand why wasn't like that now my passion for it grew as I got older but I couldn't find quite what I was looking for. I had already been a hairdresser for years by the time I found the vintage scene. I count myself so lucky that I have got to connect my two BIGGEST loves and made a full time job out of it.

Which is your favourite era/look and why?

Oooo that's a hard one I love the dramatic looks of the 20s but I guess it would have to be the 50s as that's my Personal choice for my own every day look also there something about the 50s that's special it's the only era that suits absolutely everyone perfectly.

What is the most popular service(s) from those you offer?

A vintage cut and stylied into a vintage updo my clients love a updo as if they look after it it can last 4 days.

If you could style anyone past or present who would it be?

It would have to the breath taking Jane Mansfield

A massive thank you to all my amazing clients over the years

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