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INTRODUCING THE JOLLY GOOD PHOTO CO. - Will they "snap" up Event Service Supplier Award?

The Jolly Good Photo Co. provide a vintage take on photobooths! With an original 1900s mahogany camera, old-style props and instant sepia prints, they combine the visual appeal of a traditional studio with speedy photobooth fun.


What is your most popular product/service?

The Platinum hire package which includes 4 hours with the booth, a properly becostumed photographer and assistant, unlimited instant prints for guests in either sepia, black and white or antique colour, an old-style leather guestbook with space for messages and second set of prints and all our vintage props plus a themed vintage prop pack.

What inspired you to launch this as your business?

Photobooths are a lot of fun, but the modern 'capsule booths' can look a tad out of place at old or grand venues or at classic, vintage styled or rustic weddings and events. We wanted to combine the fun of a booth but with a more elegant look and hence The Jolly Good Photo Co. was born.

What drew you to "vintage"?

There's something so much more friendly and aesthetic about the styling of the past! It might be the warmth of wood over plastic or the patina that age brings over the shininess of new. Not only is vintage styling more visually appealing, true vintage has a story (or two!) to tell. It's the whisper of those stories that give an item it's depth and character — all the more appropriate for us to use them to help create the stories of the next generation at their occasions and events!

If you could supply any individual, business or event with your product/services who or which would it be?

One of the launch parties for a costume drama film or production would be amazing!

How would you like to see your business grow & the Vintage Industry develop over the coming year(s)?

So many plans! In terms of our business we'd like to expand the number of booths that we have and branch out into franchising in other areas. We're also hoping to make a black and white 'silent' movie as a promo video!

For the Vintage industry as whole, it'd be great to see even more innovative ideas that combine the modern and traditional or help people bring that vintage touch to their everyday lives. It'd also be lovely for there to be even more appreciation of the decades gone by and how they brought us to where we are today!


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For more information:
Webpage: www.jollygoodphoto.co.uk
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/TheJollyGoodPhotoCo
Twitter: @jollygoodpics

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