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INTRODUCING MABEL'S ICES - Ice Cream Van serves up nostalgia & surprises

Mabel's Ices - Mabel is a 1974 vintage Bedford ice cream van, serving up local Devon ice cream, retro ice lollies, old fashioned sweets and lovely vintage drinks. We find out more from Ruth..

Most popular product/ service:
Everyone adores the Clotted Cream Vanilla ice cream. Service = weddings.

What inspired to launch this:
I love all things vintage, particularly old vehicles, and I have been lucky enough to work with chocolates and ice cream all my life, so i always wanted to do something in that arena. So combining my love of all things vintage vehicles and ice cream seemed to good to be true. Also in Devon there was nothing like this happening, so there was definitely a gap in the market. I also wanted to expand on just ice cream, so i introduced the fabs and the cider refreshers, the pink shrimps and the cola cubes as well as bottles of ginger beer, amongst others. I also adore dressing up and have a wardrobe full of 50's inspired dresses.

What drew you to vintage:
Its so en vogue and i've always loved nostalgia and glamour, and i wanted to make my van not just about the products but also about an experience. It fun, its romantic, its seaside glamour...everyone loves the theatre and more importantly it makes everyone smile. I felt that the consumer these days is hankering for all things from the 'good ole days' and harping back to nostalgia and childhood and it evokes happy times and good memories.

Who would you like to supply:
I would love to follow Paloma Faith on tour and be her personal ice cream van! Shes awesome, has a great ice and more importantly i would want to steal her wardrobe!

How would you like the business to grow:
The vintage scene in North Devon is relatively quite new, and it is slowly developing with more vintage tea rooms, vintage fairs etc popping up everywhere. It lends itself to the area, and the nature of old England in the countryside...think raspberry ripple ice creams and cider refreshers. Hopefully my business will grow along with it, and also dip my toe into other product lines such as chocolate dipped strawberries and glasses of champers! Vintage everything i say!!



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For More Information
Telephone: 07720 286 063

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