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INTRODUCING DOLLHOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY - A wardrobe to envy, superb stylist, dreams of adding a WWII plane to sets .. Chrissy Sparks shares her passion

DOLLHOUSE was founded on vintage pinup and Chrissy Sparks has worked around the clock since launching the business to build up her little retro-sexy company! There is something so classy, romantic, yet saucy, about this genre that makes her want to continue to strive to capture this "heady mix" in her work. Since launching in 2013 she has amassed a beautiful vintage wardrobe and set of retro props (no WWII planes just yet!) that enhance her shoots coupled with support from extremely talented stylist, Zaneta Swiatlowska, who has been with her from the very start and also loves everything vintage — DOLLHOUSE's demonstrates passion, teamwork and results, category winners last year will they make then double? Chrissy Sparks tells us more...


How would you describe your photography style?
Retro and a little eccentric!

What drew you to this genre over other styles and subject matter?
So many reasons! To me, the vintage era beginning in the 1940's is incredibly enchanting and romantic — even though everyday life was often dangerous and consumed with the War, people pulled together, never lost their sense of humour, and had that "can do" attitude — and so when I see the fashions, glamour and advertisements of that time they inspire me to want to recreate them — call me old-fashioned but...
I also adore how 'stylised' I can make my work as I love to run strong themes in my sets — nautical, military and Hollywood Glamour being my very favourite styles!

Who would you most like to photograph (past or present) & why?
I love strong, unusual images and so I would have loved to have shot Grace Jones in her prime. I also love old Hollywood movies and so Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner would be amazing subjects. I am lucky enough to have already photographed some of the current models I admire, including October DiVine, SINderella Rockafella and Scarlett River.

What do you enjoy most about being a vintage inspired photographer?
Meeting all the amazing ladies who share a love of the genre and seeing their excitement at being transformed into a "vintage vision " captured in photographs — this is a dream come true for me and I will go that extra mile to make sure the shoot is successful — even arranging bespoke clothing for the particular client if necessary - love it love it LOVE it ...


How would you like to see your business grow & the Vintage Industry develop over the coming year(s)?
I am one of the few photographers that have a wardrobe of thousands of vintage style garments and props for my shoots — but I am never satisfied and love to photograph different sets/themes — and so I want to expand this side of my business further — I am currently saving up to source the side of a boat and a vintage aeroplane wing as props! I would also like to shoot more on location if I could get together a mobile unit. It would be amazing to shoot outside the War Office or at the sea ports and other iconic venues but this is some way off yet.
In terms of the industry developing — It would be incredible to see at least a season of a strong return to say, the 1950's fashion and styling.


Anything else you'd like to add? I am so excited to be in the competition, honoured by those who vote for DOLLHOUSE — and lastly, my stylist Zan and I would like to wish all nominees across all categories the best of luck!


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