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INTRODUCING PIN ME UP BUTTERCUP - Pin Up & Boudoir meets Modern Day

Pin Me Up Buttercup is a blend of pin up and boudoir photography with a modern day twist. Styling subjects in dramatic lighting, as boudoir beauties with modern day props. We find out more from ex-model and owner of Pin Me Up Buttercup Antonella Imbimbo...

How would you describe your photography style?
I would say it was Pin Up and boudoir photography with a modern day twist where I use
modern day props and everyday people that I get to transform into Pin Up and Boudoir Beauties.
In my style of photography I love using dramatic lighting to light my subjects to make them shine
and make the best possible photographs possible.

What drew you to this genre over other styles and subject matter?
I'm passionate about the fifties style I always have. I used to model and be an alt pin up girl too what made me love it more.
From doing photography at the University. I have grown as an artist and knew
what genre I've wanted to do as soon as I've started my business. And I have many idols that used to live in that era such as
Bettie Page, Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn.

Who would you most like to photograph (past or present) & why?
Dita Von Teese because I love her quirky style and her photographs and she's an amazing model.

What do you enjoy most about being a vintage inspired photographer?
Your able to Transform your client into another era of time. Wether it's the 50's or 40's even 30's it's such a
beautiful thing. It's like time travelling but in the future. I love how happy my clients are once they see themselves
transformed and how happy they are once they see the end results. Making my client happy is the most important thing for me
here at Pin Me Up Buttercup.

How would you like to see your business grow & the Vintage Industry develop over the coming year(s)?
I hope that the vintage era will be as popular as it is now. And if I keep believing in myself my business will keep on growing.
I do believe the vintage industry will never get old. As it's part of our history it will always come back into fashion.


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