Introducing the Vintage Make-Up Guides by Glamour Daze

Beautifully restored and inspiring beauty manuals in high resolution — from the Flapper days of the 1920s, to the glamorous 1950's era.

Genuine advice for women by beauty experts of the period. A trip on a time machine, back to gentler, more feminine days. Amazing vintage makeup tips and tutorials.

The Guides feature:

Make-Up & Beauty — A 1920's Guide

Learn the look, styles and demeanor of a 1920's woman as read by ladies of that era.

* What Make-up Type are you ?
* Weekly restoring work.
* Corrective work.
* Diet and beauty.
* How to care for your hair
* How to be a popular girl.
* Right make-up for your color.
*The 1920s philosophy of beauty.


Make-up & Beauty — 1930's Guide

Make-up by Virginia Vincent 1932.
The purpose of this book is help you in making up your face, observing contours and colors of the early 1930s period.

* Make-up for the Light Blonde type.
* Make-up for the Golden Blonde type.
* Make-up for the Chestnut brunette type.
* Make-up for the Dark brunette type.
* Make-up for the Titian-Haired type
* Make-up for the White-haired type.

The New Art of Make-Up by Max factor.
Learn tips from the master, as taught to Hollywood actresses such as Carole Lombard and Claudette Colbert.

* Harmonizing
*Powder technique
*Lipstick technique
* Rouge technique
* Care of skin before and after make-up


Make-up & Beauty — A 1940's Guide

The Westmore Brothers definitive guide to Hollywood make-up styles of the 1940s.
A rare out of print book, lovingly restored with full color illustrations.

* What is Beauty ? What is Glamor ?
* Make-up and glamor for your skin type.
* How to restore beauty.
* Do's and Don't s for your face shape
* Correct hairstyles for your face type
* Correct Make-up for your eyes, nose and lips
* The correct way to apply make-up
* Glasses versus Glamor !


Make-up & Beauty — A 1950's Guide

Two beautifully restored and illustrated make-up and beauty guides from the 1950's. Original advice as taught to women of this glamorous era.

*What is beauty ? Glamor? Charm ?
*Prepare your intimate loveliness.
*What is your face type
*Facial exercises to aid beauty
*Get a Lovelier neck
*How to apply eye, lip, face make-up
*Mascara tricks
*The 1950s secret — Eye marking
*Powder your arms

and so much more !


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