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INTRODUCING WOW VINTAGE SOUTHWOLD - Community, collective, craftying, upcycling & trading treasures

Wow Vintage Southwold are a community of local people passionate in trading treasures from our own particular favourite genre. Including members talented in crafting and up cycling. Open everyday 10.00-5.00. Tina Crisp and Michaela Denny tell us more..


What inspired you to launch this as your business?
We have always loved the culture of pre loved.
It is wonderful that something can be loved once before and then loved again.. and so on..
We also love the idea of creating a space that can give back to this wonderful town a unique and independent collective.
It is deeply important for us to provide space and support where local people young and old and share and learn from each other and also have the opportunity to try their own little businesses.

What drew you to "Vintage"?
We have always been drawn to colourful the colourful fashions and textiles. Iconic styles and shapes.
Naturally drawn to our individual favourite eras from childhood looking for the memories and flavours of childhood.

Where do the majority of your customers come from?
Southwold is a very popular seaside town on the Suffolk coast and with this comes visitors from all over. We are very fortunate to have a large local following amongst all age groups as we have something for everyone to browse. We also have a wonderful prominent site in the Southwold's Market Place.

What is the most popular era or types of goods of those you sell in your shop?
We have a wonderful cross section of styles. We are however selling a lot of 50's ceramics with their iconic shapes and patterns as these are still affordable to collect. 70's leather jackets and bags a must!

What has been the highlight for your business over the past year?
Wow started life as a pop up in town. Taking over vacant premises between lets while landlords looked for tenants. Rents are very high in town exluding many independent traders. In January this year we signed our first permanent lease giving Wow Vintage and all the members a permanent spiritual home and a place to put down permanent roots and grow.

How would you like to see your business grow and the Vintage Industry develop over the coming year(s)?
We want to develop our following and working on marketing all the wonderful products that come though our doors. Staying close with the needs of the community here in Southwold. We also want to keep working on giving customers a very happy experience in visiting us.
Looking forward who knows, but we are open minded.


'God Save the Queen' and 'Let it Rock!'
Thank you for this opportunity
Tina and Michaela

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For more information
Wow Vintage Southwold
5 Market Place
IP18 6DX

Twitter : @wowvintageswold
FB: Wow Vintage Southwold

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