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The Vintage Cosmetic Company Sponsors Best Vintage Beauty & Grooming Award 2014

We're delighted that The Vintage Cosmetic Company are our sponsors for this new category — they will be providing the winner with a selection of their products as a special prize!

The brand new Beauty & Grooming Award 2014 is open to individual stylists across the UK. Make up artists, hairdressers, hair stylists and barbers are all welcome to enter. If you trade under a business name, we do ask that you enter as an individual to allow for fair judging across the board; all work that you submit as evidence must be carried out by your own fair hands! There is no restrictions when it comes to promoting your brand though, we just want to make sure everyone has a fair chance!

How it all began...

Standing in her frilly pinny, (the one she had bought especially for the occasion...), her kitchen a war zone — Connie examined her meticulously prepared cupcakes...Yuk!

Why did they never come out the same as they looked in her 'Perfect Baking' cookery book — She had followed the instructions to the letter?

Let's face it; she was never going to be a domestic goddess!

How did those women in the 1950's always manage to look so glamorous...even when effortlessly hosting the perfect dinner party? She peered at her reflection in the mirror; her face was smeared with more cake mix than make up! It was at this instant she decided to ditch the baking and focus on the glamour.

She may never be a domestic goddess, but she would re-create the gorgeous, glamorous, girly accessories that would turn from glamour glamour puss...

As for the dinner party? She'd get it catered.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company was born...

"...Where the vintage elite meet..."

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