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Nominee Interview: All That Glitters, Best Online Shop - Fashion & Accessories

I have a real passion for providing my customers with the very best vintage has to offer. Something original and beautiful, be it a piece of costume jewellery or a beaded handbag, that stands out from the crowd and yet compliments today's wardrobe, hence why I have developed All That Glitters Vintage to allow others to experience unique and beautiful vintage accessories of bygone years.

I first started to collect vintage costume jewellery and evening bags when I was a little girl. My Mam had a small antiques shop and a stall at a local flea market. I would often be seen at my Mam's stall or shop helping out and often keeping the items I most adored! Along with visits to the flea markets came regular visits to the local auction rooms, which as a little girl amazed me what jewels could be found. I soon began to love the glamour and glitz of costume jewellery and evening bags and an avid collection began, and so it is......... the makings of All That Glitters Vintage

What category are you nominated in?
Best Online Shop — Fashion & Accessories

What made you enter the NVAs this year?
I thought it was a fab concept and great to hear such awards are available for the vintage sector of the fashion industry

How did you first hear about the NVAs?
I found information about the NVAs online whilst searching for vintage information

Do you have a message for your potential voters?
I hope my voters will love my website and the unique and beautiful vintage evening bags, handbags, costume jewellery and accessories that are on offer. The glitz and glamour of yesterday with all the beauty of today.

A vintage handbag or piece of jewellery is a stunning vintage statement to mix with your existing wardrobe. Or why not accessorise a wedding dress with a piece of vintage jewellery or a beautiful handbag.

All my items are original and with only one of each for sale they are totally unique.



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