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Nominee Interview: Space Vintage & Retro, Best Vintage Shop

My name is Steve Elvidge and I run and own Space Vintage & Retro, 2500 sq ft of vintage loveliness in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Established over 5 years ago, we've recently expanded into a beautiful two floor building with our own record shop (Wall of Sound) and even our own Cafe Bar (Major Tom's Social). We're a huge store with 12 different but complementary sellers with stock ranging from vintage watches and Dior dresses to mid-century furniture and classic kitsch.

What category are you nominated in?
Best Vintage Shop

What made you enter the NVAs this year?
I love my store and all the sellers in it and wanted to get the exposure I know we deserve.

How did you first hear about the NVAs?
Social Media last year.

Do you have a message for your potential voters?
If you've been to the store I hope you'd be considering voting for us, if not then come and see us if you can. We're big enough to stock a huge variety of quality vintage and retro but small enough not to lose that personal feel.

FB page:
Weblink: @spaceharrogate

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